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Welcome to the Barbados Statistical Service!

Our website provides you with a fresh new look, reflecting the dynamic electronic environment in which we now operate, with user-friendly navigation. It makes available reliable and timely official statistics for Barbados that you can use for information, analysis, research, decision-making, or development planning.

On this website, you can find economic statistics, social and demographic statistics and information about our various surveys.

I encourage all respondents that are included in our various surveys to fully cooperate with our staff, because your input facilitates the production of reliable national statistics for the benefit of all users.

Visit our website frequently to see the latest statistical indicators and national statistics, as soon as they are approved for release to the public.

You may be aware that statistics are produced from 2 main sources:

  1. administrative records; and
  2. surveys or censuses.

Surveys and censuses can be expensive to conduct, especially in difficult economic times when financial resources are scarce. For this reason, we do our best to make maximum use of available administrative records.

Administrative records refer to information collected by government or private sector organizations as part of their ongoing operations. Examples of administrative records include registers of births, deaths, and taxation records. Using administrative records gives us the ability to improve data quality and reduce data collection costs. It also reduces the response burden on respondents to surveys.

Our aim is to present the reliable official statistics for Barbados through this platform as soon as they are available.

Your feedback on the improvement of our website would be appreciated. Visit our Contact Us page.


- Aubrey Browne


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