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Statement re. Census Enumeration Resumption in August 2022

The incident that affected the Barbados Statistical Service as it relates to the suspension of the Population and Housing Census has been resolved by the Barbados Police Service. As a result, Census staff will be re-entering the field to complete Census enumeration from Wednesday, August 17th, 2022 until September 30th, 2022.

Householders are assured that staff from the Barbados Statistical Service who approach their homes for either the Population and Housing Census or the Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey, (better known as the Labour Force Survey) are legitimate and have taken the Oath of Secrecy, which means that they cannot divulge information collected on any individual person or individual business.

The areas now to be visited by Census workers will be publicized via the news media. These areas will also be shared with the Police, along with the names of the Census workers. If householders are unsure that an individual is a member of staff of the BSS they can call the office at 535-2600.

To speed up the collection of data, officers will be collecting basic information on the household and will follow-up the interview with a telephone call.
We are aware that the Ministry of Housing Lands and Maintenance will be conducting field work in relation to Operation Seek and Secure during the period of our Census Enumeration. Householders are encouraged to fully cooperate with Census workers when they visit your households. They will be carrying picture identification cards issued by the BSS, wearing pink or orange polo shirts and will not be entering individuals’ homes.

Your cooperation is vital to obtain accurate Census results for all persons living in the island.

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